The best PD is embedded in the classroom, not on a stage.  The excitement of professional teachers engaging with each other is profound when it occurs in the real world.  People need to see models to feel comfortable with new practices.  To this end, it was so great to hear fellow teachers say they loved visiting our classroom and having the time to study inquiry-based methods IN THE REAL WORLD!


Anne Bourgeois
04/22/2012 19:37

Special thank you to Louise and Pete for inviting us to their inquiry-based classroom. It's amazing to see the enthusiasm of the students and how self-directed they are. I was impressed with their technology skills and could see how invested they were in their projects. I noticed that they were very supportive of another and have developed amazing group skills. I have a grade one and two classroom and feel that I can take many of your ideas back to my students. I have been encouraging other teachers who have not seen your classroom to take advantage of this opportunity to see learning in action. Congratulations!

Leslie Nimeth
04/22/2012 19:43

Thanks for opening up your classroom for us Pete! We really enjoyed seeing how inquiry based learning works in the real world. Louise and Pete, you are both excellent teachers and you work so well together. It's great to see your success as it inspires others to try new things in their own classrooms. I think taking your show on the road would be so beneficial to teachers across the board. We sometimes don't realize what we're missing,until someone demonstrates it. Thanks again to you, your students, and of course your principal, Judy, who is an amazing supporter of her teachers!

01/02/2015 09:37

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02/04/2015 12:54

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What are these inquiry-based methods? I have been looking for someone who can tell me about them! I would like to attend maybe some courses as a future teacher!!

03/16/2015 18:42

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