Thanks Danielle for the snacks and for facilitating our talk. We had a great discussion but once again ran out of time.
Highlights from the Meeting:
- Everyone enjoyed reading Chapter 5 - Preparing Your Active Learning Classroom- The ten key elements had practical ideas that could be implemented right away.
- Anne liked the quote from David Perkins (p. 75) 'Far from thinking coming after knowledge, knowledge comes on the coattails of thinking.' 'Learning floats on a sea of talk' is another quote that reminds us of what our classroom should sound like and feel like...interaction is central to inquiry-based learning.
- We discussed the importance of having short non-fiction text available in the classroom but it was noted that many of our classrooms are in desperate need of this resource - (talked about asking parents to donate magazines)
- Danielle started an inquiry-learning project on hibernation with her grade ones, she used a few codes from p. 93 to start her exploration
-The computers were available for us to investigate the websites listed in chapter six. The idea was for each of us to look at a few websites to explore then report to the group. We're hoping that you will share the sites you investigated from this chapter here and that you will share your favourite sites that you visit frequently, too

Discussion around chapter 5 - Preparing Your Active Learning Classroom & chapter 6 Surfing and Searching: Internet Research in School. In chapter 6 there is a plethora of websites to discover. Danielle and I were thinking we could have computers at our meeting so that we can each take a few sites to explore.

For our next meeting we will work on chapter 7. We will select one of the 27 lessons that fits into our teaching for January, and try it out with our kids.

Be prepared to report back to the group, bringing stories, samples of kids' work or classroom videos to share.