While our official book club did not continue in a formal way at our school, we always recommend "Comprehension & Collaboration - Inquiry Circles in Action" by Stephanie Harvey & Harvey Daniels to colleagues. This resource remains a staple in our teacher library and it continues to be a reference for the inquiry approach to teaching in our school. The book club approach was the best way for us to tackle a different approach to teaching and for all of us to have the same understanding of what inquiry can look like in a classroom.

Chapter 1- Kids Want to Know
  1. How might the "working alone" culture limit student's development?
  2. Consider the idea of teaching the reader-not the reading. How might that idea affect teaching in the classrooms in your school?
  3. How could you use the principles of inquiry circles in your curricular planning?
Please note-questions are provided by Heinemann- publisher of professional resources.