Our book club members got together for a great discussion around classrooms and routines. It's interesting to note, how teachers approach ideas differently. After reading chapter 8, one teacher created a "Curiosity Notebook," while another started a "Wonder Board." We talked about small group work and it's importance. It needs to be noted that some teachers give up quickly on small group because they feel that students working can be loud and disruptive. Our own experience, proves that by spending time with developing relationships, routines and expectations... small group work can be very successful.


01/24/2016 9:05am

Indeed, I agree that small groups create an interactive activity that will surely enhance the abilities of students. I believe teachers should be more patient in dealing with these small groups. Working in a loud and disruptive environment may come to be a challenge to the student's ability to cope up with what is happening around them. I wish you all the best with regards to your goals!

02/24/2016 3:04am

I like you book club discussions!

03/11/2016 2:53pm

In my opinion small groups are more effective and can achieve more, because members of this groups can interact faster.

05/25/2016 3:00am

Small group work can be really very successfu!

06/15/2016 10:21am

I'm curious what do you write in it


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